Golden Girls Global has some things to celebrate with you!

After a year of floods, wild fire, volcanic eruption, land-slides, and hurricanes impacting the rigorous struggle the Golden Girls Global Leaders were already facing from the Covid pandemic and essential social reckoning, we continue to survive and thrive. Together, we have formed a strong and resilient alliance of diverse community leaders around the world each dedicated to growing healthy humans in community.

Girls living on the streets in the Democratic Republic of the Congo began to grow gardens. Dances sharing the stories of young people working together to care for all generations emerged from the densely populated family focused Favela in Brazil, Rocinha. An art center supporting Native children coming of age was born on the Oglala Lakota Sioux Reservation, in South Dakota. A hostel was built in Kampala, Uganda. Girls who were not planning to go to school a year ago are now enrolled in high school, college, and master’s programs. Girls and their mentors made art, shared stories, seeded initiatives. Together, the Golden Girls Global deepened their roots of resilience so that the feminine in all of life could RISE. In fact, Black Girls Rising is now here too, birthed in South Africa through the rugged terrain of these times! This ever expanding bonfire of creativity and love is spreading across the planet warming hearts and breeding hope. To learn more about Golden Girl Global projects, please see below.



Upijata founded by Yolanda Cordova Swalley is dedicated to creating safe, inspiring, and empowering spaces for women, girls, and families to express themselves and heal themselves through the arts...

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Nguvu Ya Africa is a creative non-profit organization visioned by Claudine Migisha and founded by a team of women (90%) and men (10%). Through artistic expression and social enterprise, this team is committed to peace and sustainability. Their work specifically focuses on breaking the cycle of trauma and economic crisis facing the marginalized girls and women living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

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Founded under the able leadership of Rajaveni, Executive Director of the Mohanam Village Heritage Center, Golden Girls Mohanam protects girls with education about their health, lifestyle, and self-care. Mohanam Village Heritage Center, originally founded by young Tamil men 21 years ago, acts as a bridge between Auroville, an international city in Tamil Nadu, India, and its surrounding villages. The focus is to keep alive the local, rural Tamil cultural heritage. Golden Girls Mohanam is now 6 years old and focuses on the girls and women in the Mohanam community.

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Co-founded by Juliet Zheng and Chenxi Ouyang, Bright & Beautiful Girl Project (B & B Project) is the first non-profit organization dedicated to support the psychological well-being of adolescent girls living in under-resourced areas in China through embodied arts and rites of passage. 

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Wakeful Nature is a Boulder, Colorado based organization that offers programs designed to enrich tweens and teens’ social and emotional life by providing a safe container for them to connect with their peers and explore who they are and their place in the world. Through ongoing mentorship in intimate groups, they use the age-old wisdom of the natural world, expressive arts, and council to ground young girls in trust and authenticity as they dive deep into the mysteries of their changing body, heart, mind and soul.

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