Golden Girls Mohanam was founded by Rajaveni in 2015 in Auroville, India. With its developmental focus on the girls and women of the greater Mohanam community, the Golden Girls Mohanam project emerged from the Mohanam Village Heritage Center with the goal of protecting dozens of girls through health education, lifestyle guidance, and self-care practice. The Mohanam Village Heritage Center, of which Rajaveni is the Executive Director, acts as an indispensable bridge between Auroville, an international city in Tamil Nadu, India, and its surrounding villages. The Center's Mission is to keep alive the local and rural traditions of the Tamil culture.

Rajaveni, fondly referred to as Raji, created Golden Girls Mohanam under the guidance of Melissa Michaels, Golden Girls Global Founder and Co-Director. Raji has followed in the able footsteps of Bhavana, a now Ancestor and long-time mentor, who started women’s village work after meeting Melissa in Kottakarai in 1987.  

Golden Girls Mohanam is working to preserve and teach the traditional Tamil cultural arts, natural healthcare, and diet. The programming serves as an antidote to the infiltration of western ways, phones, TV, drugs, early sex, etc. Raji has cultivated freedom and empowerment in her work with the girls and is lifting the veils of oppressive cultural protocol. Her work has been so transformative that the girls’ mothers want to learn what their children are doing. They want to participate.

I did not have guidance or idea about how to create this future fully. This Golden Girls Global group gave me enthusiasm and vision to continue the work. My sisters are there surrounding me, making me more strong.” ~ Rajaveni, Executive Director, Mohanam Village Heritage Center




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