Black Girls Rising was founded by Xoli Fuyani in 2020 in South Africa (However, it has been in existence since 2015 under Earth Child Project). Their mission is to Inspire and empower Black Girls from marginalised communities to be Bold, Brave, and Rise beyond their circumstances. Black Girls Rising creates a community where girls are seen and given space to amplify their voices. They expose girls to new possibilities by breaking down barriers, giving them a window to dream and tools to realize their dreams.

The needs of young black girls are often overlooked. There are a lot of girls who fall through the cracks due to a lack of support and education. When girls are seen and given a safe space to be, they can dream and make positive decisions. Deep transformation takes time. They do not believe in one-off programs. Black Girls Rising offers a program that journeys with them through their childhood until adolescence.

Their work also carries embodiment! They work from within and take their girls through an embodied journey from a girl to a young woman. Through mindfulness, 5rhythms, sharing circles, and yoga, the facilitators teach them to listen and hear the communication their body is giving them so that they can respond. They empower them to learn how to balance their emotions to express and know that their bodies are temples. They help them to be in relationship with all aspects of life and to own their power, and trust their inner wisdom.



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