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Golden Girls Global is a worldwide movement creating safer spaces for diverse girls to access, explore and connect with the nature of their own creativity, fertility, and emerging selves in community. Focusing on the arts, especially as expressed through the body, Golden Girls Global supports the sustainability and celebration of the feminine as essential to the health of the planet.

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Guiding Girls Globally: Timeless Teachings in Support of Girls Coming of Age

Through the Chaos: The Cultural Competencies Calling Us into a Relational and Sustainable Future with Becky Chief Eagle

Sustainable Cycling Interview and Teachings with Kathy Walkling

Culturally Centered Mentoring with Navasha Daya

The Alter of Life: Rituals of Creativity for Girls and Women with Mireya Alejo Marcet, MA, MFT

Musical Spring Rites for Women with Alessandra Belloni

From Daughter to Woman, Guiding Girls Safely Through Their Teens with Kim McCabe
Rites for Girls

For educators, mentors, councilors, counselors, therapists, parents, caregivers, clergy, community leaders, Elders, and all allies of girls.All People who directly work with girls and/or the feminine are welcome.

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Moving stories

Enjoy this short glimpse into some of the work we are doing with girls around the world. Meet our leaders from Brazil, South Africa, the Rocky Mountains and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Using dance and movement as method, we invite girls to explore, experience, and express the vast landscapes of their changing bodies, hearts, and souls.


We provide young people with tools to unpack, harness, and liberate their feelings, along with giving them a pathway to empathically and compassionately connect with others.


Artistic activities that include the head, the heart, and the body are imbedded in every girl’s group, opening the channel for the creative life force to move through each girl.


Girls learn about the creative potential of their fertility and the sacred and science of self-care through culturally sensitive, inclusive, and empowering educational experiences.


Girls are celebrated as they come home to themselves in creative confidence and vision through the time-honoring rite of passage that puberty heralds and young adulthood completes.


Girls ask questions and learn about healthy intimacy and sexuality with skillful mentors, as friendships are cultivated and tended with care and devotion.


Girls are inspired to dream and mobilized to collaborate in innovative and soulful ways with respect for their environment and the world inside and around them.

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embodied global leaders serving girls

Meet Our Global Leaders

Liberating the creative life force is, in fact, revolutionary. If a young person can dream something and know that they have the capacity to create something from nothing, they have both the awareness and internal muscle to do what their soul calls them to do.

Golden Girls Global Founder

I relate to my training as one would relate to a compass and a map. One requires a lifelong practice of orienting to what is true through my own embodiment. The other guides me in ever-changing terrain by providing a lineage of wisdom, tools, practices, and principles to reference when I need council.

Golden Girls Global Leader

The dance is a way for me to explore my inner landscape: processing emotions, reconnecting to my needs, learning my boundaries, developing self awareness, and deepening my connection to the environment. The dance constantly helps me to create inner space, and it provides a safe and sacred container for myself and others which allows us to move through challenging situations and processes.

SomaSource Middle East Peace Leader

This is the force that will save the world.

Rites of Passage Ancestor

I am on a mission to create the best form of myself, actualized into being the wildest dreams of my ancestors. I have become, and I will never stop becoming. I am thankful for this community of global sisterhood and the work that bridges our very different practices and communities. May we all continue to rise up.

Golden Girls Global Leader

I identify as gender fluid. Sometimes I feel very feminine, sometimes very masculine, and sometimes I feel neutral.

15 year old Golden Girls Global participant

I find working ongoing with the girls has allowed the opportunity to stretch their capacity to speak authentically and listen from the heart. Over the years, I have seen a softening and a welcoming in that space.

Golden Girls Global Leader

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We are deeply committed to welcoming queer, trans and questioning folks who identify with girl some or all of the time.

Natural Highs: Substance Abuse Prevention/Intervention

~ A Conversation with Avani Dilger on Connected, Creative and Sober Living

During our time together, Avani Dilger will talk about how she cultivated generations of positive young people who are committed to following their passions, exploring states of consciousness in healthy ways, and experiencing deep human connection in community. Her internationally respected program, Natural Highs Community works to empower teens and adults to address substance abuse and mental health issues in inspiring ways that really work. Through Avani’s deep understanding of how the brain works and what young people truly crave, she has been able to positively support people as they consider creative, connected, and sober ways to live their lives. Avani explains, “There is no substitute for the real thing!” Avani’s teaching style is respectful and empathic, honoring the complexity of why people use substances, whether it is alcohol, marijuana, nicotine or other substances, and how their deepest needs can be understood and met in a variety of ways.



Sliding Scale.

Spanish and Portuguese Interpretation Available.

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Diverse online girl groups are forming in different locations and languages.

If you are a preteen, middler teen, or young person heading into your 20’s, there may be a group for you.

Let us know about you.

We will link you up with our seasoned and skillful leaders who are trained in the arts of body, heart, and soul adolescent development. We are working online at this time.

Join us. Moms, we are also offering English speaking groups for mom’s of preteen and adolescent girls. These groups are private and practical online community gatherings for the exploration of your own inner girl as you evolve in relationship to your maturing child. These groups are held by seasoned moms of daughters.

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moving Stories

Golden Girls Global is here to celebrate and support the feminine in all ways, to help a girl find her inner ground, and to actualize her dreams so that she can become the solution to the problems all around her, within her, in the family, the community, and around the world.

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