Nguvu Ya Africa was visioned by Claudine Migisha and was founded in 2019 by a team of 90% women and 10% men (10%) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is a creative non-profit organization and enterprise committed to peace and sustainability. Their work specifically focuses on breaking the cycle of trauma and economic crisis facing the marginalized girls and women living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Nguvu Ya Africa provides a unique economic empowerment model that combines both psychosocial and creative artistic tools to equip marginalized girls and women. Engaging men as powerful partners helps fulfill Nguvu Ya Africa’s mission for a more equal, healthy, and peaceful society. 

In addition to entrepreneurship and self-development training, women receive tools and grants to support their families and build their communities. Nguvu Ya Africa stays connected with these women on the ground to evaluate how they are doing with their small businesses and to help them build their self-esteem and confidence. Women who are successful, repay the initial grants and sometimes apply for a second round of funding. Women who were not as successful continue to receive training and grants. These grants have been made possible through funding from Golden Girls Global and the Watson Accelerator.

The support we have received from Golden Girls Global (GGG) and Golden Bridge is the foundation of all of our successes. GGG mentoring and the community of colleagues to support our inner life and outer plans have been invaluable to us. The curriculum for teachings was generated from the SomaSource (Golden Bridge) curriculum (menstrual health, micro-grants, financial support, and day to day leadership). Our affiliation with Golden Girls Global gives us status in our country” ~ Claudine Migisha, CEO & Founder, Nguvu Ya Africa.



                * Significant increase in engagement from 18 women in 2019 to 80 women in 2020/2021

                * 180 women received microfinance grants

                * 200 women and families who engaged in some way with the organization reported life improvements


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