Pambazuka Women and Girls International was founded by Antoinette Furaha in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Pambazuka’s mission is to create sustainable economic justice among the rural women and girls in these countries through entrepreneurship and the development of local skills. The organization aims to uplift, educate, and defend women and girls through this grassroots based initiative.

Pambazuka’s unique teamwork model was born out of Antionette’s call at a very young age to create sustainable solutions to the problems all around her. Her passion for serving her community matured into the Pambazuka Project. She now empowers the engaged women and girls to work bravely to understand each other's struggles and to collaboratively address issues that affect them all on a daily basis. The organization also provides funding to members so that they can expand their farming and animal rearing, create small businesses to sustain their families, and reduce poverty in their local communities.  

In addition to working in teams for economic upliftment, women gather one day a week to make mats, share stories, receive counseling, eat and dance together. These robust opportunities to socialize have provided healing to many women and helped to alleviate the trauma of living through the terrible civil war of 1996 and the ongoing struggles of daily life.

Antionette was seen and awarded the Anzisha Prize for her inspired leadership. The Anzisha Prize is Africa’s biggest award for its youngest entrepreneurs. 

Golden Girls Global has been a mentor and a resource for most of the knowledge and activities that we are doing. The teachings provided through dance and from different individuals, has helped to put in place the women group.” ~ Antoinette Furaha, Founder, Pambazuka Women and Girls International



Josephine Ayinkamiye received a small loan equivalent to $75. She used this money during weekly market days. Additionally, she was able to complete her house which stood unfinished for 3 years due to lack of funds. When Pambazuka gave her a loan, Josephine was able to pay it back in full with a small interest of 10%.

Nyirazuba received a $65 loan. In a year, she was able to pay school fees for her 2 daughters in primary school, and she was able to pay exam fees for her son in high school. Furthermore, she bought sheep for rearing as well. She paid the loan back with 10% interest.


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