Queer World Making was founded in collaboration with Angus Baguinho and Solace Pesach since Fall of 2020 in San Francisco. Queer World Making’s mission is to facilitate intimate cohorts of gender-blessed, transgender, non-binary and questioning adolescents who gather in exploration of personal and collective flourishing, through nature-connection, art practice, and circle process. In support of this mission they also hold affirming, skill-building councils for the incredible parents of their incredible youth and bring in non-binary and gender-blessed elders whenever possible.

The guiding tenants in this work are intergenerational relationships, rites of passage, expressive arts, nature connection, honoring trancestors, and queer and trans community. The roots of this mentorship program, however, extend well beyond that, to the countless experiences both Solace and Angus have had of being viscerally and spiritually called to this work of helping to raise gender-blessed god-children, niblings, neighbors, and descendents. 

Angus and Solace are honored to receive the support and follow the leadership of Weaving Earth, a center for nature-based, relational education for action.

At this time they are directing one in-person program, centered in the San Francisco Bay Area, that combines monthly online meetings with monthly daylongs in nature. Their second season launches, in-person on Saturday, December 4th, 2021.

Queer World Making / in-person cohort application : https://weavingearth.org/queer-world-making/apply-in-person/

Beginning in January, 2022 they will be launching a virtual cohort of non-binary and gender-blessed youth. This completely online program will weave together healing arts, reverence of nature, community belonging, intergenerational relationships, and parent support.

Queer World Making / virtual cohort application : https://weavingearth.org/queer-world-making/apply-virtual/

“While my work with queer and trans youth does not center girls, I have found that belonging to Golden Girls Global has connected me with powerful leaders who understand the necessity of building solidarity between girls and transgender youth. I believe it is incredibly important to foster community between all genders that have been marginalized by patriarchy and sexism and Golden Girls Global is here, willing and eager to listen and learn. As a SomaSource student I apply teachings about embodiment, life-cycle development, emotions, and creativity that I have learned from Melissa Michaels and other Golden Bridge leaders into my work with my non-binary youth every single day.” ~ Angus Baguinho, Co-Facilitator of Queer World Making




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