“When I feel embodied I feel strong and powerful and confident and nothing can bring me down.” Sophie, 19 year old Golden Girls Global participant

Here are some of our Golden Girls Global Leaders in action in their home communities.

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Diverse online girl groups are forming in different locations and languages.

If you are a preteen, middler teen, or young person heading into your 20’s, there may be a group for you.

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We will link you up with our seasoned and skillful leaders who are trained in the arts of body, heart, and soul adolescent development. We are working online at this time.

Join us. Moms, we are also offering English speaking groups for mom’s of preteen and adolescent girls. These groups are private and practical online community gatherings for the exploration of your own inner girl as you evolve in relationship to your maturing child. These groups are held by seasoned moms of daughters.

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Nguvu Ya Africa

Nguvu Ya Africa is a creative non-profit organization visioned by Claudine Mugisha and founded by a team of women (90%) and men (10%) to serve women and girls below 35 years, while equipping them at their various stages of development with information and skills.

The aim is to tackle the social-political and economic issues that continue to marginalize girls and women in North Kivu through; performing arts, technology, and menstrual health education along with addressing the issues of early marriages, missing job opportunities, and girls missing out on school/education.

We provide a unique model that combines both psychosocial and creative artistic tools to equip marginalized girls and women, while engaging men as our powerful partners for a more equal, healthy, peaceful society.

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