ParallelU was founded by Juliet Zheng in 2020 in Hangzhou, China. ParallelU is an educational project that supports young people in discovering themselves and their life path during life’s most crucial thresholds. The project began as an experiment when a community of Chinese students, enrolled in overseas universities, came together to support each other during the COVID-19 global pandemic. The experiment that started with university students has now evolved into a project that includes people in various transitions and thresholds in life.   

When restrictions on international travel prevented Juliet and her community of young students from traveling to university campuses around the world, they were forced to study online which was often challenging and isolating. So these creative students came together to live in shared spaces, collaborate, and find ways to engage with each other that encouraged alternative ways of learning. 

This educational experiment is unique in that learning does not exclusively take place in a classroom setting, and education is not always delivered by a teacher. Peer learning is key. Learning happens when students “live” together.  The community as well as the co-living spaces act as an incubator that allows students to give birth to their new ideas and their new selves.

“The spirit of Golden Bridge’s mission in supporting young people is always alive in me. Melissa’s life thresholds work also deepened my understanding in working with people in their transitions” ~ Juliet Zheng, Co-Founder, ParallelU



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