Casa Jaya Udja was created by Jaya Cruz in 2017 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as a social business initiative founded on the principles of sustainability, collaborative economy, connection to ancestry and personal and social transformation through the expressive-arts. It aims to solve issues of women's health, nutrition, and professional skills training in collaborative and creative ways. With its focus on assisting in the release of painful memories and the promotion of self-care, it strives to be a safe space for self-knowledge and emancipation. Casa Jaya Udja is a welcoming place where women can express themselves through art and access knowledge about menstrual health, conception, nutritional education, and agroecology.

Menstrual poverty affects thousands of school-age girls. Without access to tampons, water, or soap, many girls resort to using various unsafe types of tissue and toilet paper, crumbs of bread, or cotton. With the global Covid-19 crisis, many families have had to survive on donations of food, water and hygiene products, but it is not always enough. 

In partnership with several projects that also support women and advocate for urban vegetable gardens in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Casa Jaya has served young people and adults alike with dance activities, learning circles on gynecological and emotional health, ancestral self-care practices, and education on cooking and vegetable gardening. 

“The financial support I received from Golden Bridge/Golden Girls Global made it possible to support some people with food, internet, water and online activities. I personally got infected by Covid and received emotional and financial support, which saved my life. I receive the benefit of participating in Soma Source training and Golden Girls Global, improving my leadership and organization skills, helping me to understand that I was on the right path and to have a broader vision of where I could take my projects.” - Jaya Cruz, creator of Casa Jaya Udja 

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