Juliet (Qingzhi) Zheng

Juliet co-founded Bright & Beautiful in 2013, a not-for-profit organization which supports rural girls’ wellbeing through an embodied arts curriculum, the first of its kind in China. Over 2,000 girls from the township areas across 8 provinces in China have benefited from Bright & Beautiful’s educational programs. 

Juliet started dancing at age eight and has been a dancer ever since. Over the past five years, she has studied with Melissa Michaels through the SomaSource training. She is also trained in Dance/Movement Therapy. Since 2017, she has hosted somatic workshops for the public across Beijing, Shanghai, and Guiyang in China. 

Juliet received her MPhill degree from the University of Cambridge in Arts, Creativity, and Education. Her research interests include embodied learning and girl development (from a feminist psychology perspective). She completed her undergraduate study across thirteen countries on five continents. She also served as the Executive Director, and now the board member, at Career Intelligence, the biggest educational NGO in China focusing on the career development of university students.

She is a dancer, a social entrepreneur, an adventurer, and a truth seeker.

“I started dancing for beauty, but then I decided to dance for authentic expression.

I started with listening to the unheard voice of girls, then I was also able to hear the voice of myself.

I started as being a changemaker for the world, but then I realized the world exists both inside and outside of me. I owe deep gratitude to the girls I have worked with. It is through working with them, I am able to see the light that shines from my soul, and it will keep shining, as I keep moving in action.”