Sarita Rivard Guerrero

A bicultural, trilingual native of both South and North America, and a nomad of thirteen years, Sarita is a bridge between the many worlds to which she belongs. ‘Kindling for the Fire’, a project founded in her belief in creative expression as a tool to heal, transform, empower and ignite, is the fruit of her lifelong study to what she calls heART Activism. Kindling aims to facilitate creative dialogs among people of diverse and often “opposing” backgrounds, therefore weaving a sustaining tapestry of connection and solidarity across the divides.

Sarita has guided Rites Of Passage journeys in Argentina, Bolivia, Perú, Nepal, and India. And is the author of Caminante, Bridger of Worlds, published in 2010. In 2018 she published her second book, Sweet Water Tsunami, a complex work chronicling her descent through the hell of losing her beloved life partner, and the art of being broken open by life’s complexity, rather than broken to pieces. Sarita has been holding women’s circles since she herself was a young girl, she has held circles for women in major thresholds all over the world, from welcoming life to surrendering to death and everything in between. Much of her healing and initiation into embodied leadership is owed to the profound container of the Golden Bridge/Golden Girls Global community. She is deeply devoted to her apprenticeship in this sacred work. She currently lives in Longmont, CO with her husband and beautiful son.

“I relate to my SomaSource training as one would relate to a compass and a map; One requires a lifelong practice of orienting to what is true through my own embodiment. The other guides me in ever-changing terrain by providing a lineage of wisdom, tools, practices and principles to reference when I need council.”