Manuela Welton

Born in Bogota, Colombia, to a ballerina and a journalist, Manuela has dedicated her life to exploring the connectivity between humans through movement, the psyche, and story-telling. Her immersions in various cultures across 26 countries over the last decade have informed her approach to renewing connection to spirit and the body. Focusing on human rights, body, and culture, she has focused on documenting different stories, movement and the healing arts.

Manuela and her family fled Colombia suddenly after her father wrote about the corruption occurring in Colombia at the time. Since then she has been dedicated to bringing the truth, in writing and movement to the world. 

Manuela has learned different modalities that have informed her path along her journey, including a profound learning and mentorship with Melissa Michaels. Manuela has danced with Golden Bridge and Melissa for a little under a decade. She is passionate about weaving and interconnecting stories and co-creating community through video, photography, and the media. She is determined to tell the stories of resilient, powerful women in the world. 

“Being born into a family of Artists, I understand and breathe the power of creativity as a tool of transformation. Throughout my work and studies with Melissa Michaels, I have deepened into this understanding, and I hold a vision of a world in which everyone has access to basic human rights, as well as tuning into creativity as a channel of transformation.”