Johannah Reimer

Born into the world from the womb of a dancer, Johannah has been seeped in the visual and performing arts since birth. After exploring art school at the age of sixteen, and a brief stint at fashion school which pushed her away from the material world, she unexpectedly found herself solo, traveling the world for nearly a decade. The culturally rich experiences she had in turn gave birth to the humanitarian, educator, and ceremonialist she is today.

Johannah became an activist for social change through her own soulcentric and contemplative education at Naropa University and her Waldorf Teacher Training. She graduated with a BA in Peace Studies and minored in Early Childhood Education and Visual Art. She has taught in schools and leads girls groups throughout Southeast Asia, Central America, Africa, India, and the Caribbean. She has studied for over ten years with her mentor, Melissa Michaels, and became a leader in Golden Girls Global and Rites of Passage work with Golden Bridge. 

Dedicated to social renewal through education, Johannah currently lives and works in Boulder, CO, and runs a Waldorf-homeschool program for young girls. She is the Founder and Director of Wakeful Nature, a Rites of Passage and on-going mentorship program for young girls crossing the threshold from childhood into adolescence. Johannah’s work is a weaving of Waldorf pedagogy, SomaSource, nature connection, fine and expressive arts, and cultural awareness. And of course, the ever-changing needs of today's children.

“I have been blessed with the mentorship of many wise women in my days and it is my greatest wish that all humans have access to such wisdom. I have devoted my work to supporting young girls as they transition from childhood into adolescence because I have seen how the dominant culture burdens them with unnecessary pressure during this critical time of development. My wish is to support them in knowing themselves, the world, and their place in it through embodied, artistic exploration and expression!”