Gal Levinson

Gal Levinson is a dancer and teacher based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Gal has a degree in Dance and Education from Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts. She has studied and worked as a dancer and as a dance teacher working with students from many different backgrounds and ages. Gal currently works as a dancer creating her own art pieces, teaching pilates and working as a producer in a small theatre (‘Hahanut’). 

Gal also works with a Palestine/Isreali organization called Ajeec, supporting youth and girls. Her work creates space to use the dance as a healthy tool to deal with the many challanges facing Isreali and Palestinian girls. These mixed groups form and support the youth in dealing with adolescence, cultivating shared dreams and sharing dilemmas. This work brings light to the common area between us, promoting peace and shared human connection.  

 The dances Gal creates are always working through the space of the feminine and adolescence. She is passionate about the right to dance, and our inherent human right to create in the world. She wants to teach and dance as a way that will bring health and joy to the world. In her greatest dreams, she always keeps on dancing and creating and developing herself.