Carolina Brizuela

Carolina Brizuela is a long-time dancer, choreographer, and performer. She currently serves as the assistant director and choreographer of the Bell Gardens Intermediate and Generation Dance Team. She is also a program leader for After- School-All-stars (ASAS-LA). Her work takes place in the predominantly Hispanic community in which she grew up in Bell Gardens, California. Many of the students she works with come from low income families and are impacted by gang affiliated violence. 

She was first introduced to Golden Bridge by Margie Torrez and Fidel Rodriguez in 2013, and she has been a student of Melissa's work ever since. Carolina primarily works with young female-identified people and focuses on creating dance pieces that tap into one’s emotions, not only for the dancers, but for the viewers as well. Her mission is to send a message that "you are not alone" to anyone who witnesses the performers in action. 

Carolina links contemporary/modern dance as a doorway for concealed emotions to surface, along with story-lined choreography, intricate movement, and acting. She has held workshops in preparation for upcoming performances whether it be facial workshops, improv dancing to decrease stress and pressure, or freestyling as an invitation for joy and playfulness. Carolina has also worked with young teens preparing for their coming of age ceremonies, choreographing for their quinceañeras, a traditional celebration for a girl transitioning into womanhood.

She dedicates herself to being a pillar for young girls who are sexualized early in their development, have self-esteem issues, battling with self-harm/coping mechanisms, or just need someone to listen. She offers support for healing through movement as well as building healthier relationships with oneself and others. 

“Coming from a competitive dance background, the vision I have for the future is to have my own space where dancers can not only train but where I can incorporate the therapeutic side to dance. I want to build a team where members can look at each other as an extended family that gets to travel and perform for organizations and fundraisers and inspire viewers from all walks of life.

Dancing has always been my voice. I am passionate about incorporating my experiences and teachings from my mentors Jesse Mendoza, Melissa Michaels and all that SomaSource has taught me. I strive to cultivate their wisdom into my work and lead by example for all the girls I have had the privilege to work with. My own journey reminds me to be gentle on myself and has given me the confidence to give back to my community and empower my girls. I want to devote my life to working towards shifting the mindset of others and in doing so, supporting and uplifting one another.”